Boat Rental Regulations In Florida

State regulations in Florida have made it mandatory to hold a valid Boating Safety Education ID Card for boaters. This is only applicable to those born on or after January 1st, 1988 and are riding a boat that offers 10+hp.

Exemptions for Boating Safety Education ID Card

There are certain factors where an ID card isn’t required such as:

  • The vessel is being used on a private pond or lake
  • The individual already possesses a U.S. Coast Guard Marine Operator’s License
  • The individual is a non-resident of Florida but has taken a NASBLA-approved course from their state
  • The vessel is being used within 3 months of the POS (point of sale) and the receipt is available for inspection.

Age Restrictions

For an individual to own, rent, and/or operate a vessel in Florida, they are required to be 30+ years old with a valid driver’s license. Those between 25-30 can also own, rent, and/or operate a vessel in Florida as long as they have both a valid driver’s license and a Boating Safety Education ID Card.

Anyone below the age of 12 is required to wear a well-fitted Personal Flotation Device (i.e. life jacket) when sitting onboard.

Key Consideration

For more information on Florida’s rules and regulations for boating, take the time to read through the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission website. It’s also recommended to go through the online boating safety course to learn more.